This will be the first day of practices for our younger age groups (5-6, 7-8).  We will also feature food (Chik Fil A and Kona Ice**SELLING HOT CHOCOLATE**) and fun from 10-3 that day along with spirit wear sales (cash or check only), vendors (USA Lacrosse, Universal Lacrosse) and fastest shot competition with prizes, etc.

Here are some important notes about Lacrosse Day– with some links to items on Amazon to prepare for the cold for Lax Day and next week!

  • –  It will be cold- Make sure your daughter/son are dressed for the weather Saturday and beyond.  HANDS – Boys and girls
    should have gloves on (boys gloves under their Lax gloves).  HEAD – Girls should have a warm hat on.  Boys should
    have something under their helmet to keep their ears and neck warm.  BODY – dress in several layers.  LEGS – no shorts!!!
    Leggings (boys or girls) or heavy sweatpants.  FEET- wear some heavy socks.  And a few handwarmers are great to have
    on hand!
  • –  Please remember- no spectators on the Turf during practices.
  • –  Please drive slowly through the neighborhood.  Do not park on the street.
  • –  Please utilize upper parking lot (near Tennis Courts and upper Grass Field) and lower parking Lot (by the Turf)
  • –  If you are interested in volunteering your time at Lax Day, please let us know. Sign Up to come.

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