In order to coach this season all coaches must complete the following.

  1. 1. Background Check
  2. 2. Coaches Code of Conduct
  3. 3. Attend Coach Bag Training

All Travel Head Coaches are required to complete USA Lacrosse Certification Level 1- Now Bronze Level.

In addition, all Club coaches are required to complete USA Lacrosse coach requirements and applicable certifications (Level 1-now Bronze Level, Level 2-Silver Level).

USA Lacrosse (USAL) Partnership

Lutherville Lacrosse continues its partnership with USA Lacrosse to support our coaching development program and leverage their resources to train our coaches.  To support our coaches and provide our kids with the best coaches in the area, Lutherville Lacrosse will reimburse coaches  for USA Lacrosse Coaching Membership ($55) upon completion of USAL Level 1 (Bronze) certification which is included with membership.  We will also reimburse for Level 2-Silver Certification upon completion of the program.   See below for steps to join USA Lacrosse and their certification program.


Membership will provide coaches with:

  1. 1 .Access to USA Lacrosse certified coaching clinics and resources
  2. 2. Confidence to understand the game and utilize modern coaching approaches and techniques
  3. 3. Online resources, including the mobile coach app (Certified Coaches Only), to provide drills, practice plans and a variety of resources to help them be a more successful coach and provide a better experience for their players.

Additionally, the Coaching Development Coordinator will work with USA Lacrosse and various local coaches, trainers and volunteers to offer additional coaching development opportunities including mandatory in-house coaching course for all head coaches.

Lutherville Lacrosse will reimburse Coaches for their USA Lacrosse Membership and USA Lacrosse Certification upon completion of all requirements Bronze, Silver, or Gold Certification.  ALL REQUESTS FOR REIMBURSEMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH THE REIMBURSEMENT REQUEST FORM FOUND HERE.  


Lutherville Timonium Lacrosse

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