This page is dedicated to resources for the Coaches of our 3-4 Program.  We will provide resources to help with coaching our youngest players.  The most important aspect of coaching 3-4s is to make it FUN so the kids want to come back next year.

We want to teach our kids the basics of physical movement.  Games (not drills) will be offered to get kids moving and learn the basics of movement.  We will teach our players the foundations of lacrosse and make sure kids are learning them the proper way.  However, the focus shouldn't be on mastering Lacrosse skills only.  Introduce the kids to scooping, cradling, passing and catching, but make sure they understand the physical movements needed to accomplish these skills.  Focus on the movements before adding the sticks!  You can use beanbags, playground balls, etc. before introducing the sticks to make it easier and fun as well.

We will keep the kids moving and not herd them into long lines where they can lose focus.  Above all, we want to keep things loose and fun.  Put kids in a position to discover the skills you are teaching.


Practice Format

We will utilize stations as much as possible so that the kids keep moving and we get them as many touches/activities as possible.

Friday Practices will start at 5:45, end at 6:45

Sunday Practices will start at 2:30 and end at 3:30

Teams will be assigned a starting position on the field (1, 2, 3, 4)... this is most important for the start of practice as each team will start @ the same spot week-to-week (meaning, for example, Team Red will always start at position 1, Team Navy will always start @ 2, etc.)

Sample Practice Plan:

Note: The first two or three weeks we will likely bake-in time upfront to hold introductions

5:45 - Stretch
5:50 - First Station- Scooping
6:00 - Rotate / Water
6:03 - Second Station- Cradling
6:13 - Rotate / Water
6:16 - Third Station- Passing/Catching- don't start with a stick!
6:26 - Rotate / Water
6:29 - Fourth Station- Shooting
6:39 - Set-up Relay, Race
6:45 - Close


Coaches Training

The 3-4 Coaches Bag Training is a 45 minute in-house training class that all 3-4 coaches need to complete.  The course highlights important safety, overall program information/overview, with a focus on ages 3-4 and coaching resources available.  After completion, please print, sign, scan and email me the completed Coaches Code of Conduct.  Click here to download.


60 Ways to Play

USA Lacrosse has published a new resource for coaches, “60 Ways to Play” that provides the tools and understanding behind the principles of physical literacy to help children discover how their body works and how to move on their own without constant inference or “over-coaching.”

Physical literacy is one of six core values of the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model, and a key building block to developing a well-rounded athlete.

The book, available for purchase via Mimeo, features 60 fun, unique and highly-effective play-based warm-up and exercise circuit activities utilizing simple movements with both guided and creative discovery.

All of the activities can be done with no equipment, and there are indoor and outdoor circuits and circuits designed for individuals partners or groups.

“60 Ways to Play" is your simple guide to help children develop the body awareness, movement confidence, and other essential skills they need for a lifetime of fun and fitness with physical activity.

Drills/Games to Use

Here are some great games to play with your team.




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