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Local Lacrosse Clubs
LTRC Lacrosse strongly believes that Recreation lacrosse programs offer players of all ability levels to develop to their fullest potential and actually have some benefits relative to grade based club programs.  We recognize that there is strong interest locally in club lacrosse and provide links to many of our local club programs as a service to our players who are interested in exploring club lacrosse, but we are in no way affiliated with any of these programs or endorsing these programs.   Here are a few of teh things that separate LTRC Lacrosse from club lacrosse:
    - Seasons oriented towards players having the opportunity to play and fully support multiple sports throughout the year.  Multi-sport participation is recognized as being physiologically and psychologically important to athletic development.
    - Coaching:  Many of our coaches have coached and played at the highest level of the sport and there's a good chance if you check the background of a local club lacrosse coach, you'll find that they previously coached in a Rec program or even currently do so!
    - Two year age groups provide the opportunity to play with players a year or more older or younger in alternating years.  This provides players a chance to both learn from more experienced players as well as assume leadership roles.  Playing with the same players year-over-year builds better teams, but not necessarily better players.
     -   Economics:  Lacrosse is an expensive sport due to the need for expensive equipment and large field spaces.  Recreation programs like LTRC benefit from having access to County run fields and facilities and a strong base of volunteers which greatly reduces our cost base.  Our costs are often 90% less expensive than club programs!  
For these reasons and more we feel that the needs of most youth lacrosse players are met through participation in our lacrosse programs.

Important Note: LTRC Lacrosse participates in the Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association (MYLA) and MYLA rules prohibit a player from registering for or playing for more than ONE MYLA team per season.  Anyone found to be in violation of this rule will be removed from their team and will not be given a refund.   Please ensure compliance with this rule prior to registering or trying out for a club team.  



C2 Lacrosse: http://www.c2lacrosse.com/

Charmers:  http://www.charmerslax.org/

Diamonds:  http://diamondslax.com/
Legends:  https://legendslacrosseclub.com/
Ravens:  http://www.ravenslax.org/
Skywalkers: http://www.skywalkerslax.com/
TeamULax:  http://www.teamulax.com/
TLC:  http://www.tlclacrosse.com/index.php



FCA: http://fcalax.com/md

Greene Turtle:  http://www.turtlelacrosse.com/

Koopers:  http://kooperslacrosse.com/ 

Lax World:  http://www.laxworldlaxclub.com/


Lutherville Lacrosse is not directly affiliated with any of the teams listed on this page.