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Spring 2018 Lutherville Lacrosse Registration is now CLOSED!

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Age Groups: MYLA guidelines for age groups are determined based on the player’s age as of 8/31/2017. The Boys and Girls Age Groups are as follows:

DOB 9/1/12 - 8/31/14 (Boys and Girls Soft Stick Program)
5-6        DOB 9/1/10 - 8/31/12
7-8        DOB 9/1/08 - 8/31/10
9-10      DOB 9/1/06 - 8/31/08
11-12    DOB 9/1/04 - 8/31/06
13-14    DOB 9/1/02 - 8/31/04

Cost: The donation for each age group is as follows:
3-4 - Boys and Girls Soft Stick Program - $50/player
5-6, 7-8 - Boys and Girls in-house - $125/player
9-10, 11-12 & 13-14 Boys and Girls - $150/player

Sibling Discounts: Again this season we will be offering sibling discounts when multiple family members register at the same time. The following discounts will apply:

Additional family members: $25 discount each*

*Discount will only be available when registering multiple siblings in the same registration session.

LTRC Lacrosse will provide all uniforms for the Boys and Girls. Depending on the age group, some jerseys are collected at the end of the season, while others are kept by the player. All age groups receive shorts and/or shirts to keep.

Refunds: There will be no automatic refunds granted for any player withdrawals after January 1, 2018, unless due to medical reasons.

Equipment: All players must provide their own equipment. Boys must have a helmet with chin strap, mouth guard, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves and a boy’s stick. Girls must have a mouth guard, approved eye protection and a girl’s stick. For the 3-4 Soft Stick program, only a standard sized stick is required.





Clinic Soft Stick Program: The 3/4 age groups (boys division and girls division) will meet once a week and work within their teams on fundamentals of lacrosse. No contact and participants will use a standard lacrosse stick.

In-House Program: The 5/6 & 7/8 age groups (boys division and girls division) will be divided into equal teams and play in an “in-house” format, only playing other Lutherville teams. All games and practices are held at the same LTRC facilities. Teams practice once a week and play a weekend game.

7/8 Travel Team: NEW THIS SEASON Our goal is to form one or more boys and girls teams in this age group to compete in the MYLA travel program. Tryouts will be held prior to the start of the season for these teams, and unlike in years past, players on these teams will NOT be required to play on an in-house league team. All players registered in the age group will be contacted prior to tryouts to determine their interest in this elective opportunity. There will be an additional cost of $25 for Travel Team players to cover the cost of reversible uniforms and league fees which will be collected after team rosters are established. 

MYLA Travel Program: The 9/10, 11/12 & 13/14 age groups (boys divisions and girls divisions) will hold evaluations to divide the players into teams based on ability. These Lutherville teams will then compete against surrounding programs in the MYLA. All players are guaranteed a spot on a team with teams consisting of players of similar aptitude and experience.

Evaluations: Evaluations traditionally begin in mid-February and can continue through early March. We will use a combination of indoor and outdoor fields as necessary to complete our evaluations.

MYLA League Rule: Lutherville Lacrosse plays in the MYLA. The MYLA has a rule that each player can only register and tryout for one MYLA Program. If Lutherville becomes aware that a player has registered for multiple Programs, the player will not be allowed to play for Lutherville and no refund will be given.



Tentative Practice and Game Schedule: This is the best estimate based on anticipated field allocation. (Subject to change)

Boys and Girls 3-4 Soft Stick Program (not co-ed) – 1 weekday evening per week, most likely Friday evenings from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Day subject to change based on field allocations.

Boys Divisions:

5-6                Thursday evening practices and Saturday/Sunday games.
7-8                In-house and Travel: Wednesday & Friday evening practices. Saturday morning games (in-house) and games       
determined by MYLA schedule (Travel)
9-10              2 practices per week until midweek games start, then 1 practice per week. Saturday and mid-week games.
11-12            2 practices per week until midweek games start, then 1 practice per week. Saturday and mid-week games.
13-14            2 practices per week until midweek games start, then 1 practice per week. Sunday and mid-week games.

Girls Divisions:

5-6        Tuesday evening practices and Sunday afternoon games.
7-8        Tuesday and Thursday evening practice and Sunday afternoon games (in-house) and MYLA schedule (Travel Team)
9-10      2 practices per week until midweek games start, then 1 practice per week. Saturday or Sunday and mid-week games.
11-12    2 practices per week until midweek games start, then 1 practice per week. Saturday or Sunday and mid-week games.
13-14    2 practices per week until midweek games start, then 1 practice per week. Saturday or Sunday and mid-week games.


Volunteers: Baltimore County requires that all Rec Council volunteers who interact with children pass a Background Check.

Volunteers (coaches, assistant coaches, coordinators and anyone who has “Custody and/or Control of Children”) are required to register for this Background Check. Anyone who fails to register will not be allowed to participate in LTRC activities where interaction with children takes place. You must complete a separate online submission for each sport you are volunteering for. To complete this process, please visit:


Use the access Code “BCGRec17” (without the quotes).

Questions: Please contact the following individuals if you have any questions:

Boys: Josh Kaekel, joshua.kakel@gmail.com
Girls: Ali Burke, aliburke1606@gmail.com

Lutherville Lacrosse Mission Statement:
To develop and maximize each boy and girl’s ability, understanding, and appreciation for the game of lacrosse. To encourage and promote their capacity to play with fairness, intensity, and respect for all other players, coaches, officials, and themselves.