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LTRC Lacrosse Coaching Development Program 2019

Purpose:  LTRC Lacrosse is committed to investing in our coaching development program to continually improve quality of coaches with a focus on:

  1. Positive coaching and creating a rewarding and fun experience for players
  2. Teaching fundamental skills at all levels
  3. Promoting age appropriate athlete development

Scope:  LTRC has begun a partnership with U.S. Lacrosse to create a detailed coaching development program and leverage their resources to teach our coaches.  The cornerstone of the partnership will be that LTRC Lacrosse will reimburse coaches (up to a certain budget) for U.S. Lacrosse Coaching Membership ($55).  This will allow U.S. Lacrosse to significantly discount its onfield coaching certification programs.  

Membership will provide coaches with:

  1. Access to US Lacrosse certified coaching clinics
  2. Confidence to understand the game and utilize modern coaching approaches and techniques
  3. Online resources, including the mobile coach app,  to provide drills, practice plans and a variety of resources to help them be a more successful coach and provide a better experience for their players. 

Additionally, the Coaching Development Coordinator will work with U.S. Lacrosse and various local coaches, trainers and volunteers to offer additional coaching development opportunities including mandatory in-house coaching course for all head coaches.  

U.S. Lacrosse offers Level 1, 2, and 3 Certification along with various coaching clinics.  Each level consists of a background check (completed initially upon registering as a coach member), online portion and on field/classroom portion.  An additional SafeSport online training will be part of the training starting Oct. 14th

Level 1- approx. 1.5 hrs online training, 3 hour on-field instruction

Level 2- approx. 1.5 hrs online training, 4 hour on-field instruction

Level 3- approx. 1.5 hrs online training, 7 hour on-field instruction


Note:  Balto. County Background Check required for all coaches.   You must complete this for each sport, each year.  Click here for link-  www.BaltimoreCountyMD.gov/RecreationVolunteers

Use the access Code “BCGRec18” (without the quotes).